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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This Sunday, when I was watching the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, my computer suddenly stopped. It powered down like a good kid that he is, and stopped working. I stood and I stared at my monitor like a moron, not knowing what has happened. I looked at the UPS and it was on. I rebooted it, self test was ok, ready to work. But the darn computer wouldn't start. I tried powering on but to no avail. Then it hit me. I had a spare (backup) PSU (for the not-so-good-in-computer-terms: Power Supply Unit - PSU) somewhere lying around, so I took it out, connected the cables instead of the PSU inside the computer, and what do you know? IT WORKS! Now I knew what the problem is, but it gave me a big scare anyway. This backup PSU is not so good, and my computer is undervoltaged. The +12V rail only gives +11.7V approximately, the +5V Rail gives only +4.9V and the +3.3V only gives +3.1V. All values fluctuate, but it's still under the normal working condition. Now I have to wait to get paid and get a new PSU, which I had my eyes on for quite some time now. You can find info about it here.


In the meantime, I'll let you get delighted by the looks of my computer with the backup power supply (out-of-the-case one) running.

Computer pe Cric

The next two upgrades will be cooling for the CPU and a new case, in that exact order.

Cooling I decided to pick: specs. Picture:

ASUS Silent-Knight II

PC Case I decided to pick: Raidmax Elite Series Smilodon Black or X-Gear C666B. Pictures (First and Second):

Raidmax Elite Series Smilodon Black

X-Gear C666B

Tassadar aka. David over and out.

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