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Tuesday, July 8, 2008



I ran out of Internet tonight. I've written a post from my cellphone, but got a connection for a short while and can update it as it should be updated.

I am looking for anyone who can loan me for a week - a week and a half an RDS FiberLink Arad account, until I can re-enable my own. I will repay you for your time and help.

Until I can figure out a way or get a stable/loaned connection that I can use all the time (until my own is up), this blog will be left un-edited and un-updated.

If you have any info or can help me, please feel free to email me at tassadar.online [at] gmail [dot] com. You know how to connect the pieces.

Tassadar aka. David over and out - for a more prolonged time.

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