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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks to all who remembered it was my birthday today...

Well... not many people remembered it was my birthday today... but some who count did. Others... well... Maybe a big or not so big disappointment. The following people I would like to thank for thinking I'm worth more than some cents, or just for simply remembering (in no particular order, I think the list is complete):

Mama, Sis, Grand-Mama, Clau (Hesus), J, Tilica, Serj (Bul), Iulia (tzuky), Tina (Keiko), Dani (versus), Flavius (Falcon), Anca Moga, Mirela (ex), Deea Andreea (Morena), Oana (mBad), Zita, Stefan Iorga, and last but not least, some people from the TorrentLeech staff, more exactly: staya87, moose86, Quicken, NedKelly73, slinky, bonehead66, FireW0lf. That's kinda' all who wished me happy birthday. Others... could have but have not.

Thanks again, was really nice from hearing some good wishes from some people who count, and if I forgot someone, please let me know.

Tassadar aka. David over and out (older, though, 24 years on the 24th september, YUCK!)

[Later edit] - Thanks to "O necunoscuta" who sent me the birthday message. (Who even later turned out to be a girl called Silvana [a beautiful stranger])

[25.09-26.09.2008] Thanks for the wishes of the following: BlackLotus, Anca Ghita, akasha, Seba Hatred, Dariana, Beatrice (she knows who).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Romania is ... BULLSHIT

Well the MTV Video Music Awards were some days ago, and LOOK what I found... Rihanna singing after O-Zone's "Dragostea Din Tei" song... This is so WEAK, I could PUKE! Damnit, when will people get a brain?

Tassadar aka. David over and out.