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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AIMP / Foobar

Today I've decided to write about a new Audio Player I have stumbled upon while browsing the web.

It's called AIMP, it's freeware, and it does a lot of stuff.
It can do whatever Winamp does (without the ability to play Video files, and without the secksee Milkdrop plugin - for Winamp visualisations there's a wrapper on the forums). I don't see anything else wrong with it. It supports skins, visualizations (integrated into the player/fullscreen), and loads more file formats and features. Also, compared to Winamp 5, which is "shareware", it consumes a lot LESS memory/CPU. You can try it out anytime by visiting http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=lang-en/. You may have a hard time downloading the player, since the forum's mainly russian, but a simple Google search will give you loads of download links to choose from.

The player is currently in it's 2.60 RC3 state, but the sound offered, the features, the light-weight and everything is a pro. Check it out, http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?do=lang-en.

Screenshot of the Player + Memory used while playing your standard MP3:

AIMP Main Window/Memory usage

ALSO, please make sure to find and download AIMP Tools. They offer the functionality of alot of non-free utilities. The AIMP tools consist of AIMP Converter and Recorder. They do just what their name says. The Converter can convert/transcode a video/audio file into another format, whilst the Recorder can record into various audio formats via an imput source (mic/line/stereo mix).

Here's a preview of the GUI.

AIMP Converter

AIMP Recorder

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