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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eminem - Relapse Refill (2009)



EM is back with a refill to his prescription, releasing an intermediate album to keep us busy until Relapse 2 hits the stores next year. He gave us something to listen to, with a different sound, a different flow, more controversy, more attacks, more insane, because people deserve it.

Here's the tracklist from one source:

01. People Make Me
02. Taking My Ball
03. Insult To Injury
04. Outlet
05. Carrington Pool
06. Forever (ft. Drake, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)
07. Stainless Ego

Here's the tracklist from another source:

01. Forever
02. Hell Breaks Loose
03. Buffalo Bill
04. Elevator
05. Taking My Ball
06. Music Box
07. Drop the Bomb on 'Em

The torrents you've seen floating around have the tracklist mixed up and one song is lacking the playtime, being only 01:27 (Hell Breaks Loose), the song not being on the one of the tracklists.

So we'd better wait for the 21st of December and pay our hard earned money to support this artist and his beliefs, his work, his creation, because, sincerely, he's one of the artists that would deserve our full support. Or... you could download the album (and God will smite you down with His full wrath), you could go and shoot yourself in the foot and buy a Britney Spears album, and dance to it, wearing a pink tutu and three hair clips. Fuckers!

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