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Friday, May 21, 2010

Facelifting and Gaming


Team Fortress 2


After a much-needed domain name, my blog has had a face-lifting done.

I have chosen a new style/template and customized everything accordingly. Too bad I was stupid enough to miss that AdBlock will block out the customization of my AdSense campaigns, and I was trying to remove them erratically, without luck, resorting to the final step: basic HTML editing of the template itself and removing the widget via code.

Oh well, everybody learns. Now when I edit my blog I'll always disable AdBlock. It's a good addon for Firefox, but it blocks most things out, even when you tell it not to.

Keep on reading for next week there will be some more season finales I will write about, and hopefully, they will be good.

Other than that, I will go back to playing Borderlands and Team Fortress 2. I've bought the latter, since it's worth paying 16 euros for it. It's worth supporting most game developers (like Valve for example), if they don't get greedy and start to sell everything that last year was "exclusive" (yea, I'm talking about you, Blizzard Entertainment!).

I'll probably shoot some StarCraft 2 BETA up this weekend also, the AI's floating around the net (especially SC2in1 bundled AI) kick my ass on medium difficulty. Now that's a shame, since I used to be such a good StarCraft player. In my opinion Blizzard beefed this game up too much in some parts, and for example, the Thor unit, with it's Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe lines, is a complete failure at being a viable and worthwhile unit (I'm referring to the fact that it shouldn't be in the game at all, along with some other units). But hey, I'm not Blizzard, oh, *cough*, excuse me, Activision Blizzard, the greedy money-hungry-after-a-merger game maker.

Good luck and have a nice weekend. I may post some more later on.

- Tassadar aka. David over and out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to TassadarOnline.Org


Well, today I got myself a legal domain to have this blog hosted on. It's nice to finally type fewer words into the address bar and see it working.

So, welcome to the new blog, hosted by google, on the domain name tassadaronline.org!

As always, if you're here, you can always help me by clicking some ad links! (yea, I know it sucks)

Thanks for visiting!

PS: The BLOG will be undergoing some more changes as time goes by, you'll see.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update KB971033 - Windows Activation Technologies

Windows Activation Technologies

Today, Microsoft has released a Windows Update named numbered KB971033, which updates the Microsoft Windows Activation Technologies to detect hacks and cracks that activate Windows without a legit license.
Many users who were receiving their Windows Updates and auto-installing them, were left with this:

Windows 7 Genuine PopUp

While uninstalling this little patch is easy enough, once your system is flagged as not being genuine, you will get some nagging:

"The background wallpaper will change to black. You can set it back to whatever you want, but once an hour or so it will reset again to black. Various “nag” notifications will appear at intervals to “remind” you that your system has been tagged as a likely pirate and offering you the opportunity to “come clean” — becoming authorized and legitimate by buying a new Windows 7 license. Some of these nags will be windows that appear at boot or login time, others will appear frequently (perhaps every 20 minutes or so) as main screen windows and taskbar popup notices."

If this is the case, you can do something that will save your Windows installation and help you avoid a reinstall. Search for New Windows 7 Activator [2010] [blaze69], Windows Activator Hazar Torrent (Also known has RemoveWAT2.25) or Windows Activator Daz Torrent (Latest version 1.7.7), with Google.

While making sure your antivirus is on and running, make sure you don't get infected with something. Just activate Windows via one of the tools from above and you're done. You can sit out your remaining Windows 7 days without problems.

(Little hint: bios emulation)

- Tassadar aka. David over and out