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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mamaia, Romania, 2010 - Nokia N95 Photos

The first batch of pictures is uploaded and ready!

Finally, the first batch of pictures can be seen. They are taken with a Nokia N95 5MPX camera, using custom shooting modes and settings. Some are blurry, some are out of focus, some are not. Considering, I say most came out good.

And yes, most of the pictures were taken from moving vehicles like trains and buses. And again, yes, if you see a picture being distorted (like unusual diagonal poles and trees) it's because of the speed of the train/bus.

You can access the album HERE (or in a new window perhaps?).
You can access the slideshow HERE (or in a new window perhaps?).

People in the pictures

David aka. Tassadar
Alex Gal
Petra Ale


- David aka. Tassadar over and out.

PS: Excuse some of the poor quality photos taken from the train. The window on both trains (to and from Constanta) were dirty. Especially the train we took back. Man, that was dirty as hell.
PPS: More will come, probably tomorrow, from the other sources that took pictures (Alex's phones).

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