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Monday, September 27, 2010

My 26th Birthday: Impressions

Well, to be honest, I am deeply disappointed, and conflicted at the same time.

Some people who call themselves my friends failed to show up, moreover, they failed to even send a message or call me about their absence. On the other hand, some people who I've recently met, or haven't met at all, came, and had a good time (I hope).

Even if it wasn't a "TOTAL FAILURE", it was pretty low and pretty lame. I'm confident that there won't be a "next time" like this, since this is the last time I do a "birthday party". It's a waste of money and time, and I don't have any of those two.

I can only thank the people who didn't come but had the "courage" to call or message me about it. But enough about this.

Special spatial thank you's go out to my two friends who helped me with everything even tho I was kinda broke at the end: Alex Gal and Corifeanu Emilian. More special thanks go out to my mother, whom helped with cooking and preparing everything that was there to eat (and my cakes, yea, they weren't a lie!).

More thank you's go to the people who also came (in no particular order or logic): Andreea Varga and Cristi, Bia, Diana, Alex and his Girlfriend, Sergiu and Sonia, Sergiu Silaghi, my Sis, Bogdan, Arthur, Mucki and The Nerv & Flex Crews. Sorry if I forgot someone, I was pissed off the whole night.

The photos are available on Facebook (if you don't have an account, register one), at the following link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=534357&id=604855283.

Thanks for attending, and trust me, there won't be a next time. If I decide for a next time, I will call some people and get sh*tfaced with them. It's enough, I've had enough. No more events held for people who can't show seriousness.

- David aka. Tassadar over and out.

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