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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bon Jovi "The Circle" Live Tour - Bucharest, Romania, 10.07.2011

When I got home from work on Saturday morning, I was anxious to get on the train already. I've slept for like two-three hours in the afternoon, just to be able to sleep on the bus to Bucharest. The night came, and I've started walking to the train station with my sister. It was a hot summer night (cheesy, huh?). Arriving in Timisoara, I've started my GPS and we made our way to the other train station, where we were supposed to have our bus ready in two hours. We made it in under one hour, then waited another two for the bus. The bus was almost full, and everyone was waiting to get to the concert, to see Bon Jovi for the first time in Romania.

After arriving in Bucharest, we were slapped in the face by the heat and the size of everything "concert". The organization was like crap, of course, Romania. They didn't let people in who had "cameras that had movie making capabilities", though the rules stated clearly "no professional cameras with interchangeable lens allowed, like DSLR's, and no camcorders". The morons that were by the gate frisking people didn't know that, and my sister's been refused entry because she had a Nikon Coolpix L100 camera, that, they thought, was a "professional camera". I was near the stage already when my sister called me to tell me the problems. I left the stage area and got out, taking the camera, and allowing her safe passage. After a half hour of arguing with the morons, in which they told me to "leave the camera with a friend", or "go home, they don't care", they finally told me to throw the batteries out and they'll allow me entrance. I went out of their line of sight, stuck the accu's in my shoes, and got in without a problem. Talk about Romanian Security services. Fail.

I managed to grab a nice spot near the stage, right next to the fence. My sister had a good spot too, but, with all the problems that arose, she managed to get her hands on a Diamond Circle wrist-strap, and she got in front of the stage, inside the semi-circle.

After two fail bands that opened the concert, Bon Jovi entered the stage at 20:00 GMT+2, and never left for 3 hours. After starting the concert, the atmosphere was on fire. Everyone was shouting, singing and having a good time. The band delivered, and everyone was delighted to have been a part of such a beautiful and awesome concert.

If you want to see what happened, check out the movies (captured with a Nokia N8 by David C. / Tassadar@FB), or take a look at the pictures down below (captured with a Nikon Coolpix L100 by Petra Ale@FB).


For the entire gig playlist on YouTube, click on this link right here!


The pictures are mixed up chronologically, since imageshack and the camera decided to mix 'em up a bit


- David aka. Tassadar over and out.

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